Proofreading Services and Prices


These prices apply to students, businesses, authors, writers, bloggers etc. They are generally based on your word count, so regardless of the level of correction needed I will charge the flat rates that are stated below. Some proofreaders will charge a bit more if you are a non-native English speaker or if your content needs a lot of work.

Under 20,000 words

0.01p per word

20,000–80,000 words

0.0095p per word

Over 80,000 words

0.0085p per word

Add-on Service

If you are an author, you can also opt for an add-on service. After you have revised the content after the initial proofread and after you have designed the book (because you intend to self-publish) more errors may be introduced.

Publishers always proofread a manuscript before and after the design has been implemented. Providing you have had the initial proofread completed by Fine Point Editing Services, the add-on service will be provided at a discounted price because I will have already completed a style guide and corrected, what would be, a bulk of the errors.

The discounted price will be a percentage of the price you had paid for the first proofread. See below for the services offered in each add-on and the percentage of the original proofread price you will pay.

Publishing Bundle 30% less Ebook Bundle 40% less
Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors introduced at post-revision stage x x
Check that all queries raised on the initial proofread have been dealt with  x  x
Style (e.g. focussed/focused, the use of the serial comma, ise or ize) has not become inconsistent at post-revision stage  x  x
Factual errors or inconsistencies (e.g. character names, traits) have not been introduced in the post-revision stage  x  x
Citations and references (if applicable) follow the correct style and are present  x  x
Word breaks at the end of a line do not hinder readability  x  x
Style of headings (chapter, subheadings, figure or illustration headings) are consistent  x  x
Prelims (copyright page, acknowledgements, contents etc.)  x  x
Page numbers  x
Running heads  x
Widows and orphans (short lines at the top or bottom of a page) are dealt with  x
Spacing (avoid tightly packed or ‘gappy’ lines)  x
Layout and formatting is appropriate for ePublishing  x  x
Layout and formatting is appropriate for print publishing  x
Contents page corresponds with the chapter and subheading titles in the main content  x  x
Hyperlinks in the text (e.g. contents, citations etc.) direct the reader to the correct place  x  x

Website Functionality

Proofreading services for websites will be charged using the word count rates listed above. If you would like me to check the functionality of the website (that links work and will direct clients to the right content) an extra charge of £0.25p per will be added for each link.