Why Use a Proofreader?

You may wonder, ‘who would want to hire a proofreader?’ Many people and businesses can benefit from hiring the services of a proofreader as a way of polishing a document, website or business plan.

People who may need my services are:

  • publishers
  • authors, writers, and self-publishers
  • copywriters
  • web designers
  • business people
  • students who want to submit a well written essay, dissertation or thesis
  • job seekers who want to make sure their job application, personal statement or CV is free of mistakes and inconsistencies.

Proofreading for Self-publishers

If you are a writer seeking to publish through a traditional publisher or an indie author wishing to self-publish via Amazon, Createspace or Smashwords it pays to have a manuscript without spelling, grammatical errors or inconsistencies in format.

When self-publishing you need to ensure your manuscript is perfect in order to encourage a solid, loyal fan base. Readers can be all too quick to point out mistakes. The same can be said for those wishing to use the traditional route because a publisher is more interested in new authors whose manuscripts are polished. An engaging novel, novella or short story that needs little or no work can command a great deal of attention.

Web designers, business owners, charities, publishers, copywriters and small independent magazines can also benefit from a proofreader’s critical eye.

Print media, websites, brochures and business documents are not perceived with trust and confidence when there are evident, and sometimes consistent errors.

Proofreading Service Costs

If you have never hired a proofreader, you may be wondering if this service will be expensive, or even what my services will entail.

In my case, the cost varies as it’s dependent upon the type of material (website or manuscript). It won’t be as expensive as you believe and the end result will make it worth the cost.

I maintain a stringent level of confidentiality. All contact details and the subject/content of the work I am undertaking are kept private and confidential.

The Process

Once you have received your free, no-obligation quotation and have decided to proceed I will proofread your work either on a hard copy proof or electronically using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, Google Doc’s editing/comment feature or Adobe.

If you are unfamiliar with BS: 5261-2: 2005 proof correction symbols I will recommend using Word’s Track Changes, the edit/comment function for documents created in Google Docs or Adobe if you plan to submit a PDF rather than a Word/Google document.

Once the document is received I will check the content for inconsistencies in spacing and format, spelling and grammatical errors, inaccuracies, and that illustrations or tables are placed correctly.

If the document has been previously typeset I can check alongside the originally marked copy to ensure the typesetter has made all specified corrections and that new errors have not been introduced into the text, such as layout problems, incorrectly placed figures, tables or illustrations, bad word breaks or extra spacing.

I can also carry out blind proofreads where I will be proofreading using a single set of documents. Take a look at my services for a list of things I will check as a proofreader.

My Training & Qualifications

I have completed training with the Publishing Training Centre (also known as Book House) and I have a BA (Hons) in English. I’m also a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP).

I have worked in an editorial role within a regional newspaper, in the civil service in a number of roles, such as, business manager and paralegal officer, and in the NHS. I have edited and proofread essays, dissertations, theses, magazines, fiction and non-fiction, academic content, and B2B and B2C content (this includes websites, manuals and brochures/guides to be used in-house by staff).

I’ve worked with:

  • marketing and PR companies
  • web designers
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • publishers
  • academic institutions.

I have worked on:

  • websites
  • essays
  • dissertations
  • theses
  • manuscripts by indie authors who choose to self-publish via Amazon and Smashwords
  • undergraduate and postgraduate course content for online distance learning.

I can help proofread many subjects such as:

  • psychology
  • social sciences
  • law
  • nursing
  • teaching
  • HR
  • business management,
  • economics
  • health and social care
  • engineering
  • fiction and non-fiction.